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  • 2021 year
  • CD NFT
  • Blockchain: Ethereum, ERC-1155
  • Owned by Edmond Fokker
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Contract: 0x4266...249f

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This CD has healing qualities.
And beautiful music.
Music is healing, this we know.
Vibrations cure deseases and change our mood.
On this CD you find classical masterpieces for violin as well as famous film melodies.

But the difference lies in the way this album is produced. In order to have this soothing, heart-warming, healing effect on the listener we made use of the ‘love-frequency’ 528hz, algorythms in the recordingdevices and the fibonacci-code.
The 528hz and other used frequencies are used in neuro-science to repair DNA. Here they help us in combination with the excellent compositions to feel supported, free and happy.
The order in which the pieces are set is based on harmonic logic first then chronology.
That is what sets this album apart from others. Here is the sort of magic that occurs when music meets science.
Many of the care-institutions we sent the album
for free as a try-out, felt the calming and consoling nature of this album with astounding results.
This music makes people happy and this album is the icon of new music-medicine.
Let the music do its work, enjoy this musical hug that we all need.

Made in EU
Artist/performer: Edmond Fokker violin | Jochem Geene piano
Produced: Dutch Record Company DRC 21012501
Year: 2021
Number of Traces: 16
Times - 12’33
Tracks Titles:
1.  Veracini - Largo 

2.  Bach - Air 

3.  Gluck - Melody 

4.  Bach/Gounod - Ave Maria 

5.  Marcello/Bach - Adagio 

6.  Mascagni - Intermezzo 

7.  Paganini - Cantabile 

8.  Massenet - Méditation 

9.  Rachmaninoff - Vocalise 

10.  Tchaikowsky - Valse sentimentale 

11.  Williams - Schindlers List 

12.  Provost - Intermezzo 

13.  Morricone - Cinema Paradiso
14. Tarrega/Ricci - Recuerdos de la Alhambra 

15. Morricone - Gabriel’s oboe 

16. Myers - Cavatina (from the Deerhunter) 

Category: NFT ART

Tags: art, CD, music, NFT

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