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a new way to enjoy and invest in art



  • Receive your share of the profits when the original artwork is sold

Additional Benefits

  • Pass on your ArtChips as an heirloom or a gift

  • Sell your ArtChips on the secondary market

  • Receive a proportion of income from all related merchandise

Gold ArtChips

High potential, lesser known artists. Chip in for a diverse art market.

Rare find

13% of market

Star growth

276% double vs. market

Oleg Tselkov (b. 1934)

Collector and collection (2003)

16% progress
15% reserved
1% sold
100ArtChip price

450 000Offering price

Shimon Okshteyn (b. 1951)

Voltair (1992)

7% progress
7% reserved
0% sold
100ArtChip price

70 000Offering price

Mikhail Chemiakin (b. 1943)

Metaphysical head (1982)

10% progress
9% reserved
1% sold
100ArtChip price

40 000Offering price

Mikhail Chemiakin (b. 1943)

His father ghost appeared to rembrandt (1990)

11% progress
11% reserved
0% sold
100ArtChip price

50 000Offering price

Purple ArtChips

Art made by women creates only 13% of today’s art collections. Buy Purple ArtChips to chip in for a more inclusive art market.

Red ArtChips

Art made by people of color creates only 3% of today’s art market. Buy Color ArtChips for a more inclusive art market.

Green ArtChips

Art made with recycled or upcycled materials, such as ocean plastic. Buy Green ArtChips for a more sustainable art market.

White ArtChips

Art made by up-and-coming artists with great potential. Buy White ArtChips to support artists new to the art market.

Blue ArtChips

Banksy, Warhol, Koons. Buy White ArtChips to chip away at the legends.

Perks for ArtChips

1 ArtChip

  • 1 month Artessere Edutainment subscription
  • 5% discount at ArtChips stores, on all merchandise and on selected products
  • Free pass to ArtChips Community Space
    in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Russia,


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5 ArtChips

  • Certified rolled print on canvas (50×70 cm) from 100% recycled plastic
  • 6 month Artessere Edutainment subscription
  • 10% discount at ArtChips stores, on all merchandise and on selected products
  • Free pass to ArtChips Community Space
    in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Russia,


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Best choice

10 ArtChips

  • Certified ready to hang print on canvas (50×70 cm) from 100% recycled plastic
  • 12 month Artessere Edutainment subscription
  • 15% discount at ArtChips stores, on all merchandise and on selected products
  • Free pass to ArtChips Community Space
    in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Russia,

1 000

Browse our gallery now!

Authentic high return artworks

Authentic high return artworks

100% authentic, best risk-adjusted returns ArtChips artworks are handpicked by a team of art experts led by Anaida Schneider, CEO, art collector

Art Expertise

Legal certainty

Legal certainty

100% legal certainty for your ArtChips investment based on the legal framework in line with Liechtenstein's Blockchain Act (TVTG)

Legal Expertise

Financial security

Financial security

100% confirmation of ownership for your ArtChips investment provided by Non-Fungible Token (NFT) issued by TILCOIN AG.


Frequently Asked Questions

1 We find the best and most forward thinking artists We determine which artists are best suited to our ArtChips standard that we believe will produce the best risk-adjusted returns.
2 We purchase the best artworks from our selected artists We acquire the best available example at the best price and purchase the artwork
3 Through the use of TVTG Liechtenstein law and NFT technology we tokenize the artwork We file an offering circular with the FMA Liechtenstein and allow interested people to invest.
4 We hold the artwork for 1-10 years to sell or buy the piece back for our gallery After the artwork is sold, investors will receive their prorated proceeds after our commission. If the painting doesn't sell, Artessere will buy it back from you after 10 years for our gallery
Sell your ArtChips on the secondary market Thanks to NFT technology you have the option to sell your ArtChips in the secondary market whenever you wish
Pass on your ArtChips as an heirloom or gift Thanks to the legitimacy of the project and the NFT technology you can include your ArtChips in your will and testament or give ArtChips as a gift
Receive a proportional income from all merchandise related to the artwork You will receive an annual interest from all income the artwork generates during holding and owning as an additional bonus

Our mission is to make fine art investment accessible to everyone.

Interact directly — without intermediaries.

Buying ArtChips with a NFT token is buying a share– or ArtChip– in an artwork we offer.
ArtChips are transparent, fair and inclusive.

With ArtChips there are no lock-in periods if the artwork was sold within a 10 year period. You have the freedom to trade your ArtChip NFT token anytime on liquid asset selling sources and platforms.

Everyone can purchase and sell ArtChips.

ArtChips is about making fine art available to everyone, not just the ultra-wealthy.

Liechtenstein’s Token and Trustworthy Technology Service Provider Act, or Blockchain Act, came into force on January 1, 2020. It establishes the framework for the supervision of ten new categories of transaction systems, including blockchain-based offerings. The law also implements the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) recommendations, which provide for supervision under the Due Diligence Act (DDA) for such services.


New law not only creates legal certainty for providers and customers, but also improves customer protection and clarifies open questions in the application of the relevant laws. This applies especially in the areas of due diligence to combat money laundering, ensuring compliance with international standards and comprehensive and effective anti-money laundering (AML) measures.

By using blockchain technology we remove the need to have a central register to track asset ownership. By decentralizing artworks and functions in the project, we create an open ecosystem in which any other platform or market participant can see services related to tokenized fine art. Blockchain is an open protocol standard, and as such it fosters transparency and free market competition. We believe that by embracing these values, we can further Artessere’s mission to democratise access to the art market.

Non-fungible token (NFT)

  • A way to represent anything unique as an Ethereum-based asset.
  • NFTs are giving more power to content creators than ever before.
  • Powered by smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.


Learn more at https://ethereum.org/en/nft/

Ownership of your holdings is protected by cryptographic keys, ERC 1155 or ERC 721 standard, which are virtually impossible to crack if you do not share your keys with third parties or do not thoroughly save them. If you're an institutional investor you will likely utilize an enterprise custody solution for digital assets. If you are an individual investor, you can use any of the safe blockchain hardware wallets currently available in the market. In the unlikely case that your cryptographic keys are lost or stolen, and provided that you have registered with our platform, it is possible to recover and/or re-issue your asset tokens after correctly ascertaining and verifying your identity and proof of purchase in form of different certificate, such as a certificate of authenticity (not as a substitute initial NFT).

ArtChips is a new method in the art democratization process using fractional ownership. ArtChips categorizes available artwork into 6 different groups.


Each category is described on the main page, such as Purple ArtChips, Green ArtChips, White ArtChips, Colored ArtChips, Gold ArtChips and Blue Art Chips. Each category focuses on a certain type of artwork, artist, or material used.

Similarly to how professional auction houses and some galleries operate, Artessere obtains third-party valuation through external parties or museums by experts in the particular artwork’s genre (taking into account the artist, the time period, medium, etc.). This valuation is cross-checked with our internal estimates.

It's possible but unlikely. The most likely scenario would be for the artwork to be stored in a purpose-built art storage facility that provides high-security access. This has the benefits of preserving the artwork in optimal conditions (humidity, temperature, lighting) and significantly lowering the risk of damage or theft, which is reflected in the lower premium that would be charged by the insurance company. It is also possible to store the artworks at museums or certain galleries given that they meet our guidelines and are approved by the insurance provider.

If a piece of artwork is damaged, lost, or stolen, the artwork’s insurance policy payment would be triggered and all investors would receive a pro-rata payout.