Annesia Allie

  • Switzerland
Annesia Allie

Biography & exhibitions:

Annesia enjoys exploring various creative concepts to broaden her artistic pursuits. She integrates global creative branding and a marketing background with fashion design studies, interior design and illustration.


As an Entrepreneur, Creative & Art Director and Fashion Designer, Annesia is known for her versatile experience, refined creative eye and iconic collections. She has collaborated in design with some of the world’s most prestigious designers, including: Ralph Lauren, Zac Posen, Tommy Hilfiger, Morgan Le Fay, Rachel Roy, Kate Spade, Elie Tahari and many more. 


Annesia’s innate sense of style in fashion and knowledge of the design industry, along with her vast experience is now leading her to explore more creative opportunities on a global scale. She loves to conceptualise ideas, refine a vision, and oversee art direction for different sectors. 


Annesia is highly skilled in working with color/concept & trend, textiles, product development, production, brand launch, ecommerce, styling and more.


As an international fashion expert, she was trained in the US & Europe and strives to keep on top of global fashion trends and modern innovation. She has worked with celebrity clients and many eccentric iconic fashion brands. 

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