Arkadi Tedresaar

Arkadi Tedresaar

Biography & exhibitions:

Born in Soviet Estonia/Tallinn, Arkadi had started painting as a child back in 1980’s, though only decades later, after studying ballet, cooking, tailoring and relocating twice to different countries, he is finally able to fulfill his dream and study Visual Arts & Design at the beginning of this century in Denmark. After visiting an art class for just a year Arkadi is moving to Switzerland, where he starts his own fashion workshop as a designer and proceeds to acknowledge Art crafts, still searching for his own style and techniques to paint. Due course of time Art becomes his biggest passion and priority nr 1, totally pulling fashion out of his life.

“It’s like KINDER SURPRISE every time I start a new piece. I know it’s an egg, but I have no clue what’s inside it. Sometimes it takes 2-3 even 5 different appearances till it becomes THE ONE!” Most of my pieces have 5-10 layers, some even complete images hidden behind the final coating. I wonder sometimes if those hidden images will ever be discovered, maybe decades, even centuries later?”

2014 Arkadi Tedresaar creates an Art-loft Zurich and lives/works since 2020 as well in his hometown Tallinn.
In 2021 an additional line is created called Crazy Art Loft.

Both lines are to be found on Instagram

@artloftzurich @crazyartloft


February / March 2022
Milano & Fuerteventura M.A.D.S. ART GALLERY
International Art Exhibition "F**K U"

Dezember 2022
International Art Exhibition
opening GAUDI ROOM

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