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Arsen Agahanyants

  • Russia
Arsen Agahanyants

Biography & exhibitions:

Painter and sculptor Arsen Agakhanyants was born in 1966, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Arsen graduated from the easel painting department of the Art School named after  P.P. Benkov in Tashkent. Since 2002 Arsen is a member of the Union of Artists of Uzbekistan and the International Fine Art Fund.

Since 2003 Arsen lives and works in Moscow.

A distinctive feature of the artist is the ability to work in different creative directions (sculpture, painting, fresco, graphics). Synthesis of oriental and national Armenian flavor gives a special style and individuality to the artist’s works.

Agakhanyants’ animal sculptures based on legends of Urartu, the ancient Armenian state have a special place in the artist’s collection.  People from Urartu depicted their gods in the form of people, animals, and birds. 

The artist’s works are in private collections in Russia and abroad – in Uzbekistan, Indonesia, China, Greece, USA, Holland.

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