Anna Syarova

  • Russia
Anna Syarova

Biography & exhibitions:

Anna Syarova was born in 1982 in Simferopol. In 2008 she graduated from the painting department of the Crimean Art College.

Syarova's exercises in ceramics began in early childhood. Starting with a children's studio, Anna returned to ceramics as a mature artist, having formed an attitude towards material as towards means of expressing an artistic image. Anna uses a mixture of clay, metal objects, hair, fur, wood and other materials, works with engobes and glazes, experiments with texture.

Her ceramics is not utilitarian; her “creatures” are funny pets in a fantasy genetic and digital transformation. They are abstract, but always animated forms. Her images - stones, creatures and molecules - rejoice, suffer and live their own lives. According to the artist, she works “with emotions, color and atmosphere of the moment”, and she calls her painting “life diary”.

Anna is now working on the 2020 OK series, dedicated to the fragility of life, denial or acceptance of the inevitable, great power of nature, and the Our Birchen World series about Russian self-identification.



Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine
Private Collections in Ukraine, Russia, PRC, Australia, Germany

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