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MOSAIC Section

Turn kid, pet picture or any other image you like into personalized brick mosaic portrait!


You can choose between DIY box set or already assembled art in the wooden frame!

The box set includes everything you need for assembling:
1. Several thousand pieces (up to 33 colors!) in separate bags and baseplates made of high-quality plastic (everything is compatible with LEGO and other brick constructors)
2. Individual color build guide, prepared by a professional artist
3. Detailed instruction
4. Separator
5. Stylish box

How do we turn photos in mosaic art?

— You upload a photo (or several) and choose the size
— In 2-3 days the artist turns the photo into a ARTESSERE Mosaic and then the manager send sketches for approval
— We carefully pack your box set (1 day) or assemble your mosaic, if you prefer to order the ready-made art (7 days)
— We send ARTESSERE Mosaic to any corner of the world!

ORDER NOW on artessere.com/mosaic

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