How can art change my life for the better?


The world is full of amazing art, but how can it change your life? Some might say that arts are useless and frivolous, or even a waste of time. Them Artessere would like to ask: what if you were living in a society where there was no art at all? 

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What does art have to do with anything? 

Art is something we often take for granted in our lives, but whether it's on the wall of a museum or a postcard you picked up at the store, art surrounds us constantly. It also surreptitiously influences us all the time. 


When we engage with and think about different kinds of art, we are more likely to evolve as people because we are exposed to new ideas and thoughts. This indeed has a profound impact on our lives. 


Could it be that because of art people become less xenophobic and less afraid of innovation, and more open to learning than they would be without? 


Well, there is no simple answer. Many believe art is in everything that surrounds us Chances are, if you have ever been awed by the beauty of a waterfall, played with a dog, or gazed into space at night, art has changed you. 


How do you know in what ways it made you wiser, more tolerant, more accepting, or simply more willing to live? Quantifying that is nearly impossible. But that shouldn’t stop us from at least throwing a few quick brushstrokes at a painting titled: "How can art change my life for the better?"



Creating art not only has the power to change our lives for the better, but also has healing properties that help us deal with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), phobias, or other psychological trauma. Sound hard to believe? Studies prove otherwise



Art is an escape from reality-induced stress. When you immerse yourself in art, you get a break from everything that weighs on you. You open up to appreciating beauty and all its nuances without being weighed down by what's going on around you (which is usually pretty artless). 



Art has been around since the dawn of time and it is still relevant today. 


From sculptures to paintings, art is a way for people all over the world to express themselves and disconnect from their everyday lives. But it’s also a way to leave a message about what matters most. You can learn a lot about cultures that came before ours by studying their art. 


  • What was life like when thin women were not the standard, but full-bodied women were popular instead and are we actually attracted to thin because of our programming?


  • Was Sparta a society of noble mercenaries or ruthless traitors?


  •  Were people happy and fulfilled in ancient Greece and severely depressed  today in LA by comparison? 


These are all fascinating questions, and art can help you find the answers. 



Art has the ability to soothe the soul and lift the spirit. Often, it's exactly what you need to see to get through the day. That's why so many people get inspired by art or even use it to escape from reality. It's always there when you need it most.


Can you get real results by turning to art to motivate you? You definitely can! There are many, many proofs of the invigorating power of art, and the fact that it has been around for so long, and will undoubtedly be around in the future, is all the evidence of its effectiveness you will ever need. 


So when we find that art is behind our wisdom, our motivation, our healing, and our knowledge of the world, the crucial question is not, "How can art change my life for the better?" 


The more we explore, the more likely it seems that art is behind every change for the better there is. The question is, "Could you imagine a world that exists without it?".


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