Revolutionary Artist Dread Scott's First NFT


Author: Rachel Martin


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On October 1, Dread Scott will sell his first NFT at Christie’s in New York. Provocative, self-described revolutionary artist Dread Scott is known for his performance pieces and in-your-face analyses of racism in the United States. This sale also comes just after the opening of his first solo show in over 20 years. The exhibition is called We’re Going to End Slavery. Join Us! and will be open at the Cristin Tierney Gallery in New York from September 17.


The NFT itself, White Male for Sale, is another example of Scott’s exploration of race and class in the USA. The piece features a looped video clip of a white man standing on an auction block in Brooklyn. First intrigued by the idea of “fungibility”, Dread Scott analyzes the inherent non-fungibility of humans that was desecrated through slavery and capitalism.


Slavery in the United States placed people into tiers based on their ability to work as well as to make them easier to commodify. Scott takes this same process into his work, connecting our history, stories of capitalism, racism, and commodity, to the present moment. An NFT provides an excellent instance to take on these topics. Art itself is questionable in its non-fungibility, and the rise of NFTs is bringing questions of commodity to the front of many peoples’ minds. Scott’s work is thus, as usual, timely.



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