Christie′s First On-Chain NFT Auction Ends Well


Author: Rachel Martin


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On December 7, 2021, the first on-chain sale of NFTs held by Christie’s auction house closed with a total of 843 ETH, approximately 3.6 million USD. This three day event was hosted on, the top NFT marketplace for buying and selling such digital art.


A selection of these works was first exhibited at Art Basel Miami the week prior, which was a celebration of a new era of NFT innovation. Christie’s has consistently been at the helm of the NFT movement, selling and supporting such works through exhibitions and auctions since before the boom of the summer of 2021. Noah Davis, specialist and head of digital online sales at the auction house, assisted in curating this exhibition along with collectors of crypto works and other curators.


The top sales went to CyberKongz, a collection of 1,000 NFTs that was released in March 2021 and features unique and randomly generated images of gorillas that are suitably sized to be used as profile pictures on various websites. CyberKong #201 reached the top sale of the exhibition at 185 ETH (793,439 USD) and CyberKong #46 (414,304 USD) came in close behind. The proceeds from this sale will be donated to benefit Virunga National Park.


Despite the whispers throughout the summer that the NFT bubble was due to burst, auction houses and creators of digital artworks alike are continuing to see success. Just last week, NFT sales hit 293 million USD.


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