A New NFT Collection From Chinese Artist Badiucao


Author: Rachel Martin


Snimok ekrana 2022-01-08 v 16-13-41

Image source: Badiucao, Twitter.



Dissident art is an interesting path to take for an NFT collection, but Chinese artist Badiucao has taken this on in a protest of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Self-exiling in Australia has allowed Badiucao (the artist’s pseudonym) to create and share art which is critical of China’s human rights abuses and the government’s control of freedom and usage of surveillance techniques.


The artist has risen to relative notoriety, and his show in Italy led to some contention before going through. This is unlike a planned show in Hong Kong which led to so many threats that he was forced to cancel. As conventional galleries fear showing Badiucao’s works for the artist’s safety as well as for international relations’ sake, the artist has been forced to turn to the internet.


Badiucao claims that NFTs offer a safer method of sharing his art. This is both for the financial safety of the artist as well as the safety of the artwork and buyer in a medium that the government cannot control. This NFT collection was created by Badiucao as part of the Art in Protest Residency, a collaboration between Gray Area Foundation for the Arts and the Human Rights Foundation.


The collection was initially released with New World Center’s Soundscape Park as part of the 2021 Oslo Freedom Forum in Miami as well as the 2021 Art Basel Miami Beach. Also shared through a Google Drive folder on the artist’s Twitter page, the 5 images represent various Olympic sports with a critical eye.


The proceeds of the sale will go to benefit the artist’s continued activism, and sustain the Art in Protest Residency. It will launch on February 1, 2022. You can keep up with the project and the artist on his social media websites, such as Twitter.


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