Samsung′s New NFT TV Platform


Author: Rachel Martin


Snimok ekrana 2022-01-14 v 16-18-09

A preview of Samsung’s upcoming NFT TV platform. Image: Samsung


As the demand for NFTs rises, companies are entering the crypto-sphere and metaverse in order to attract customers and ensure that the “fragmented viewing world” stays cohesive. This is the position that Samsung, the well-known South Korean multinational electronics corporation, has taken for their latest smart TV. Samsung has been on top of the NFT trend, actively investing in various metaverse projects through their venture capital company, Samsung Next. Now, when you purchase a Samsung TV you are also gaining access to an NFT Platform app.


This app allows viewers to explore and trade NFTs without needing to know how to access various computer-based NFT Platforms. It is unclear exactly which NFT platforms or marketplaces will be included for aggregation, but Samsung has promised that the smart TVs will not modify the image quality, keeping the NFT creator’s pre-set values.


Other features of the app allow you to view and explore digital art before purchasing it as well as offering a space to learn about the history of NFTs and the ins and outs of the blockchain. As 2022 advances, more information about this platform will be made public. It will be interesting to watch other television or viewing systems and see if Samsung is on top of a new trend.


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