San Francisco NFT Exhibition


Author: Rachel Martin


Snimok ekrana 2022-01-20 v 11-15-24

Image source: Verse: Art of the Future


When you walk into The Old San Francisco Mint’s Vault Level in downtown San Francisco you might be surprised to walk into an empty room. However, as you enter and you place a headset over your eyes, you are suddenly transported to a new dimension. The Verse: Art of the Future exhibition brings together art and technology in an immersive metaverse of digital art.


Bringing together augmented reality holograms and artwork by some of the top-selling artists from the world of NFTs, Verse offers a unique art viewing opportunity in one of the tech capitals of the world. The viewer is equipped with a VR headset (or their own personal tablet or smartphone), which allows them to experience their own reality in the same activation area.


Opening in February, this is a unique opportunity to experience NFTs in a new way. You can find out more information at the following link:

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