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Art Edutainment

  • What art says?
  • How it relates to history?
  • Expand your visual preferences.
  • Art content that will appeal to your tastes.
  • Entertaining video format that will draw your attention.
  • 10 + Over 10 new videos monthly
  • 4-10 Video duration 4 to 10 min
  • 5-20 Quiz consist of 5 to 20 questions


  • Portfolio spans from professional made video
  • Exclusive material and interesting facts
  • Commitment to innovationand excellence
  • Interactive format
  • Effectively provided content
  • Creativity and good humor

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Jeff Koons

Helene Schjerfbeck

Op Art

Video format

  • Full HD video format
  • Hight quality sound
  • Available 24/7 from any device
  • Quiz online and interactive

Video Room

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ART EDUTAINMENT offer a wide range of professionally made video clips on current or educational art and
    history topics.
    These range from art history to art scenes in worldwide cities to current exhibitions or fairs and include a knowledge quiz at the end of each clip.
  • These clips and features generally follow the principle of *edutainment": they are experiential and attractively made - but
    without compromising on the quality and accuracy of the content.
  • This makes Artessere one of the first independent, neutral and content-oriented information and knowledge
    providers independent of more that 20 000 museums, fairs or auctions.


You can watch all content unlimited, whenever you want and on any internet-connected device.
You can purchase these video clips in a monthly subscription and easily cancel your account online.

Unlimited access to videos and online quiz. Our library is updated with new content on monthly basis.

Subscription plans range from USD 3,90 to USD 9,90 per month. No limit on content and quiz.

You can easily cancel your account online at the end of each month. No cancellation fees.

Watch unlimited videos and pass your quiz everywhere and on any internet-connected device: on your smartphone,
tablet, laptop, PC and all for one fixed monthly fee. Sign in with your personal ARTESSERE account to watch instantly on the web at artessere.com/cabinet

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