ARTESSERE is a new kind of platform for a wide, art-interested audience. ARTESSERE offers several products with a focus on bringing high quality art to everyone and the belief that everyone can enjoy art, buy art and have access to art.



1 Reducing commissions

Automation of the commission process and the elimination of the chain of intermediaries will result in lower commission.


2 Removal of barriers

Free access to the art market, educational programs and user-friendly services will expand the range of people interested in buying art.


4 Security assurance

Blockchain-based technologies will make transactions easy, cheap and secure— reducing intermediaries from the chain. Additionally, there will be a larger and decentralized ledger of art-objects, holders and all associated transactions.


5 Worldwide data and support

We provide a global database of museums, galleries, exhibition halls, art-objects and more, using an intelligent search system that includes a variety of parameters.


3 Collaboration

We invite galleries, museums, logistics services and printing houses, as well as individual artists and collectors to collaborate with Artessere. You can post information about yourself and your business on the site, as well as be able to contact our experts to get an estimate of the worth of your art-object to put it up for sale in our Investments section.



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