Pipilotti Rist: Big Heartedness, Be My Neighbor at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles


Author: Nikita Kosmin


In our time, when depression and anxiety are on the rise and we're moving further and further away from our inner world to concern ourselves with external values such as career and status, is anything more important than our own bodies and the intimate relationships they tend to have with the world, often despite our seemingly best intentions? Is our inner world ultimately the wisest of all sages? Pipilotti Rist is an artist whose warm, intimate, and often splendiferously gorgeous art aims to put us more in touch with the fuzzy wonder of life and overcome fears through exploration of bodily sensuality.


For a theoretical physicist, Rist displays a remarkable passion for something apparently non-theoretical and unscientifically inane like the body, whose forms and desires are the exact opposite of principles dictated by cold and calculating science. At first glance, the intimacy of these emotions, which inevitably produce stunning images, seems far removed from the fields Rist studied before becoming an artist, but upon closer analysis, themes of molecular science, social justice, and feminism can be discovered in her work. 


Pipilotti Rist is currently one of the most significant artists in her field, and we wholeheartedly recommend that you familiarize yourself with her work if you haven't already.

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