Exeter issues NFT diplomas


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Author: Nikita Kosmin


Elevator pitch

You’ve long heard about the usefulness of NFTs to the world because they cannot be forged. In a world where crime is rampant, provenance is invaluable. Here come  Mintblue’s so-called Smart Diplomas based on NFT tech. What are they for? 

  1. NFT diplomas are unique and cannot be copied, protecting the integrity of the degree.
  2. NFT diplomas can be easily and quickly verified and authenticated, which is important for employers who want to verify the qualifications of potential employees.
  3. The use of blockchain technology means that the data stored in an NFT diploma is secure and cannot be altered or tampered with.
  4. NFT diplomas offer a high degree of flexibility as they can be easily shared and transferred between individuals and institutions.
  5. Issuing NFT diplomas is a cost-effective way to manage and store educational records.

How it works

In an increasingly digital world, it was only a matter of time before a digital ID became accepted. And now, with the issuance of NFT diplomas at Exeter, it's official: digital credentials are on the rise. But what does this mean for the future of education and since education concerns all, what does it mean for us all?

The most obvious advantage of using blockchain technology to verify your academic achievements is that they can no longer be falsified. 

That also gives you the ability to capture more information about your achievements in one place. A transparent and decentralized system like this ensures that each credential has its own ID that can not be changed or hacked by anyone - because blockchains function as ledgers that contain records that can not be changed once validated. 


With NFTs, you no longer have to worry about losing or damaging your diploma - it is securely stored on the blockchain. Moreover, issuing diplomas in the form of NFTs opens up new possibilities for verification and authentication.


And that’s just the beginning!

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