What will NFTs evolve into?


Author: Nikita Kosmin


As we explore blockchain’s staggering capacity to impress, we’re becoming more and more aware that the implementations of blockchain technology today employ less than 1% of what it’s capable of. 


So what does the future hold for the spheres of AI, blockchain, and NFTs and should you pay attention? 



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NFTs (non-fungible tokens or unique digital assets that are cryptographically secured to prove authenticity) have been a hot topic in the last few years, and with good reason. These assets can take many forms such as crypto collectibles, crypto games, tokenized artwork and other things. But that’s just the beginning!


What will NFTs evolve into? Will they eventually disappear altogether or stay as they are now with minor improvements? Will game developers find ways to stop hackers from taking advantage of them? What’s basically happening?


Here’s our theory.


NFTs have quickly become the norm in the past few years. In a time where sustainability is becoming more and more important, NFTs are promising to be sustainable with their non-waste of resources because they can be easily reproduced when broken or worn out. What about teething problems? There has been much speculation on what will happen to these materials in the future, but it's clear that this technology will continue to evolve as society does, like the case was with Bitcoin, and all the starting hurdles will be quickly overcome.


What’s more, humankind’s best teams working on blockchain-based projects around the clock inevitably mean more expansion and more progress, meaning more technological brilliance. 


Certainly, in an era with dramatically increasing incidents of cyber thefts, forgery, deepfakes, and so on, something that can unequivocally prove authenticity will become invaluable. 


We bet NFTs will soon become a part of the singularity that involves drones, flying taxis, self-driving cars, instant financial exchanges, and AI-run governments. 


This is all a reality today, and as technology advances, will that future start to lean toward Skynet? Judging by more and more sightings of robo dogs with sniper rifles being spotted in LA, more likely yes than no. Just kidding. 


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