Part 2: Why You should buy Crypto Art


Author: Nikita Kosmin





Warning: Part 2 of this article, like all things crypto, is a little, ahem, out there. If you want something more normal first, check out Part 1. No, seriously. 


Optimizing taxes 


Some countries look very favorably at art collectors, offering them shocking tax (shall we say, rebates?) on art they buy. 


It’s a smart way of saving impressive amounts of money legally, and, if you take into account that other countries (Malta, for example) look even more favorably on clients with an affinity for crypto, there’s a double bonus. 


The money you could save while taking advantage of benefits offered to crypto fans and art collectors by financial bodies will blow your mind if you do deep research. 

Getting into elite clubs 


Even if you’re not from the crypto world, you will have heard about CryptoPunks and Apes used as visitor passes to the best parties out there. Not a bad way to live! If you’re only buying NFT-based art to be let onto a yacht with beautiful people and unlimited alcohol, we’re all for it! 


Salvation in times of war 


We've already mentioned it, but war is the ultimate harbinger of change in our priorities. 


When economic crises begin and countries go to war against each other, money often fails. What doesn't fail is a priceless painting smuggled in the back of a van with random junk where no one will look, or a token sent over an invisible blockchain network. 


You can cross a border stark naked and still come out the other side with the memorized or tattooed numbers that unlock a vault in a crypto-safe, even as regimes collapse around you. 


Should you leave your kids some expensive paintings? Well, cynics will tell you that money can't buy happiness, but that's a blatant fallacy. Do it and see for yourself: It'll be the best Christmas gift you can ever give them, and a great way to win people over and make the world a happier place.


You can familiarize yourself with ArtChips here. Voila! 

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