What is ARTESSERE Edutainment?


Author: Mandee McFerren



ARTESSERE is offering a completely new and unique way to experience art education with the ARTESSERE Edutainment platform. As one of the first independent, neutral and content-oriented information and knowledge providers separated from the interests of museums, fairs or auctions, ARTESSERE Edutainment offers a wide range of professionally made video clips on current and educational art history topics alongside corresponding interactive quizzes to test the user's knowledge.


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ARTESERRE Edutainment topics range from famous artists to art movements throughout all parts of the world, backgrounds, and eras, taking great effort to include the most interesting facts and a commitment to excellence. ARTESSERE Edutainment features follow the principles of “edutainment": They are interesting and attractively made without compromising the quality and accuracy of the content.


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All ARTESSERE Edutainment subscribers have unlimited access to all content with the ability to watch whenever you want on any internet-connected device. From long commutes in the morning on the train, to a park bench, to the coffee shop, ARTESSERE Edutainment is always at subscribers fingertips, offering monthly subscriptions which can be easily cancelled online.

With over 60 tests and new topics added each week, ARTESSERE Edutainment is ready for you to start your own journey through art knowledge. Sign up here today!

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