Comic book creator sells NFT for $840K


Author: Mandee McFerren





Sin City comic book creator Frank Miller has earned $840,986.16 in the sale of his first (NFT) original artwork piece titled I Love You, Nancy Callahan, making the sale the highest price ever for a comic book art NFT.


Although new to NFT art, Miller utilised help from NFT-focused game companies Gala Games and Concept Art House, who helped create and mint the NFT.


The NFT itself is an animated piece featuring sound design and the original comic panels of the death of Detective Hartigan, one of the major stories within the Sin City comic universe.


The NFT was sold on Open Sea (a popular marketplace for NFTs), with the NFT being a singular entity. The NFT was paid for with Gala coins, and 10 minutes was added to the clock any time a bid was placed in the last 5 minutes of the auction count-down, ensuring all parties had a fair chance to make a counter offer. While giving interested parties more time, this also created a high amount of activity within the auction, with the going price jumping in tens, and even hundreds of thousand dollar increments.


The high selling price of $840,986.16 makes the I Love You, Nancy Callahan NFT the highest earning piece of art by Miller to date. Regarding being able to make NFT art, Miller said the following in a statement: “I am so honored to see the fans of mine, of Marv, of Sin City participating in this new world. One thing you never get making comics is the three-dimensionality (of NFTs). It is something that you aspire to when you’re drawing, but to really see things form and move like in I Love You, Nancy Callahan, it’s really wonderful.”


Miller has created more NFTs with Gala Labs and Concept Art House celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Sin City graphic novel, with auctions happening on


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