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Author: Nikita Kosmin




If you're reading this after work (or, worse, before), the prospect of professional development (which, in case of our Edutainment, by the way, has nothing to do with your job) may seem daunting. Why would you want to spend your free time studying? Going to college for most professions is daunting. Training to be a doctor, for example, requires an incredible amount of time and effort, and compared to most other professions, being a doctor is actually pretty fun. Imagine having to analyse water dripping through soil for a living, or working 9 to 5 as a pork scratching spotter (what's that anyway?). 


But here's our dilemma. As we thought about delivering the most value possible to our audience, we've spent eons trying to figure out what makes people happy and fulfilled, and after a fair amount of time we've concluded that the answer to everything is education. 


That may sound trite, but the people with the best education inevitably win at life, with their level of baseline euphoria, as is often the case, directly dependent on the amount of money they earn. 


Now, an attentive reader might object that being happy is also about health, time with family, spiritual development, and loving what you do. The trick is that you need money for all of that. 


That's why we've decided that by far the best investment you can make in your life is education. And as you know, our mission is to provide nothing but the best possible experience from all worlds for you. And since we know that education is the best way to get money, and money is very, very important to get anything you want, we thought about doing something to make learning as easy as possible for you. 


There are two answers to this. The first is: interestingly, when people look back on their lives when they’re asked what their happiest times were, they invariably answer that their best times by far were their college days. Jackpot! It looks like someone figured this out before us, but we’ll use this formula anyway because it’s just great.  We remember our college days so fondly because we knew we were creating a great future for ourselves by studying - but also because of all the fun. It’s a combination of these two factors that produces ultimate success in life. 


And so we've created a project for you that not only teaches knowledge about art history, biographies of famous artists, and analysis of their wonderful works, but also makes it as fun as possible with short videos, quizzes, and interesting and engaging narration. 


We're very proud of our edutainment project for a number of reasons, and one of those reasons is that we believe our mission to bring art to the people is a noble one (perhaps the noblest there's), and so we've tried to make it as financially accessible as possible, too. That's the second answer. 


Take a look!


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