Choosing NFTs to invest in



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Chances are in this niche, you'll very often hear: "I bought some, but they turned out to be worthless". What conclusion does a neophyte come to after an experience like that? "NFTs are a pump-and-dump scheme". 


But we know better: the magic of blockchain technology simply won't allow anything other than brilliant to happen in this industry because its foundation is simply genius. They were just doing it wrong. 


Think of the blockchain as an infinitely complicated telescope. For most people, it's useless because they don't know how to work with the settings. Some even use it to hammer in nails and complain that it's a really bad (and expensive!) hammer. That's understandable. For them, there's just no way to make it work. But some people will still be able to see the stars through it. 


When it comes to NFTs, remember that quality matters. The hype will pass, and NFTs created in a hurry to attract naive investors will be forgotten. As the Greeks say, "When the tide recedes, we'll see who's not wearing swimming trunks. But truly valuable projects will remain, possibly forever. 


If you're looking for art in the form of NFTs, pay attention to form and technique. Only artwork created by skilled professionals over a long period of time will last, experts say, and for us at Artessere, that makes perfect sense. We suspect that there's a direct correlation between the length of time an artist studies and the sales figures. 


It also matters how much time they spent creating the work, although cases immediately come to mind where artists created something in a few minutes that later sold for millions (but that's an exception). 


How do you make sense of all these rules and exceptions and are there foundational principles you can follow that won’t change? 


Artessere designed our edutainment section for this very purpose. Art can be controversial, and sometimes it seems to contradict itself. But we firmly believe that life without art (just like without love) will suffocate. That's why, in our learning area, we want to give you answers to all the questions you have and more, without you having to sacrifice your time, and with a side order of interactivity and fun. Check it out!

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