What’s the point in art?


Art is one of the most ambiguous and controversial topics in our society. We see it all around us, yet we often wonder if there is any use for it at all. Is art actually worth anything? Who decides what has value and what doesn't? Is your opinion about art influenced by theirs? And did they make the right decision?


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"I don't get it. What is the point of art?" is a question that has been asked many times, and actually with increasing frequency over the years as the number of published artworks grows, and so does the proportion of the controversial ones. 


The word "art" encompasses such a wide array of forms, from painting and sculpture to architecture and music and formaldehyded sharks. It can include theater, dance, photography or any other form in which creativity manifests itself for our viewing pleasure. 


Moreover, many believe art doesn’t stop there. Maybe everything is art if you look close enough. 


The art world is a vast and rich ecosystem. It seems like anything can be considered art, and if it's not, someone will surely argue that it should be. Which makes defining its value even more difficult. 


If art is everything, how do you go about assessing its worth? By the same token, how to assess the value of Earth, or the Universe? And if you did, who would you sell it to? 


There are a few ways to answer the question. These are just a few ideas from a long list: 


  • If you consider writing art, it becomes obvious that without it we would be missing out on so many incredible stories that shape our lives and make us who we are today. 


  • Art also plays a role in shaping history by recording its past moments through different mediums such as paintings, photography, sculptures, poetry etc.


  • Art gives people an outlet for their creativity. Artists are able to express themselves in ways that they may not be able to otherwise, or in ways that would lead to violence and conflict. 


  • When someone enjoys art, they feel more satisfied with life in general. It’s true: art cleanses the soul!


  • It can also help people understand themselves better by providing an outlet for emotions or frustrations they may not be able to express in words. This makes our interactions more meaningful. 


  • It can help people recover from trauma or illness by providing them with an outlet for their emotions and pain in the form of expression.


In closing 

Is art worth it? While some may question the value of art, as usual, greater meaning is to be discovered after you look beneath: art in fact has so many benefits to our society that, to be brutally honest, we can’t afford to be without it!


Artessere offers all those benefits, and a way for everyone to keep a piece of art close to their heart as well as make money in the process. Does it get any better than that? 


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